Doctor Ox’s Experiment:

Jules Verne is known as a science fiction writer and almost all of his books are popular but I think this book is not that known. So I think we should make it popular with writing and mentioning it :))

The book focuses on a public that lives happily but this happiness doesn’t come from their happy life but their lack of care in every aspect of life. Even their heart rate is lower than other people and they have their own physiology. And suddenly one day a doctor comes to a city and increases the rate of oxygen in the air and things get worse and worse because oxygen makes them prone to get angry. I don’t want to do a detailed review but I want to mention what I have learned by reading this book. These are my two key takeaways:

1-) Bad Situations are required as much as good ones.

In the book, these people live happily before Doctor Ox’s experiment but their life is so casual and they don’t have any desire to do anything. But after the experiment, they started to have ideas they are having arguments, fights and all of these seem like negative changes but it contributes to art, politics, and science. So what makes a human creative is actually desire, escaping from routine, and taking risks. Sometimes happiness is not the solution or a key to development. Stress, desire, anger increases effectiveness.

2-) Changes in character cannot be attributed to a single factor.

Even though oxygen physiologically changes the character of the public they changed their features according to their potential. Oxygen didn’t add new features to their characters but revealed what they are suppressing and what they have as potential. So, character changes cannot be attributed to only one factor but it is actually what you are at your core.



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Hope to share

Hope to share

Even the stars they burn, some even fall to the Earth. We've got a lot to learn. God knows we're worth it. No I won't give up💫💫