Good And Bad Are Not That Far Apart

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3 min readJan 31, 2021


Although the scope of good and bad varies from person to person , good and bad seem far within one’s own moral judgements. Even this words are used as antonyms. But when we look around carefully we realize that these two antonyms are not far at all in practical life.

We live in such a world that waiting for only happiness and beauty is not convincing. Also it is not these black and whites that are scary in the world and in our selves; but grays. We all must have come across those grays and face with that their solutions are not easy as whites and blacks. Remember the day when your classmate, who taunted you at every opportunity, gave you a pen or the day your coworker drove you home while gossiping about the others. Hadn’t she sprayed some white on black and black on white that day? Didn’t they turn gray? And all these depicted situations are not rare situations. Really few people stayed directly white or black in our memories. The whole rest turned to gray.

While our surroundings covered with these grays it is important to understand them. Because as well as good people, bad people can also hide under these grays. Their ability to show us their evil deeds as lovable stems from this. There is a very favorite quote: “Unfortunately bad people are not so stupid that they cannot hide their evil.”

Our understanding of grays makes easier us to figure out the real purposes of incidents and people that surround us. Aren’t the foresight and caution used for this?

Good or bad, hard to say

This quote explains almost everything that I am trying to say. Although good and bad seem far they are not. The slightest wrong done innocently can bring with it thousands of mistakes and even turn us into a different person. How can we fight the dangers from outside without understanding the grays when we fight every day even within ourselves?

Even the gray is only one color, it is a color with many shades.

Some events and people have a lot of white in the gray and black in others. That is why we should not enter any path in our life without thinking throughly, letting it go. Because the source of a flowing river and the roads it passes give us a lot of clues about the places it can reach.

The best way to predict future is to create it.

Hope all your decisions bring you happiness and you live on your truth…



Hope to share

Even the stars they burn, some even fall to the Earth. We've got a lot to learn. God knows we're worth it. No I won't give up💫💫