How To Make Your Studies Attractive

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We all experience times as a student or worker which requires pushing ourselves so much. But sometimes this pressure can be more than we can bear.

Then what to do? Of course we have a lot of responsibility and we cannot change the thing which are not dependent to us. But we can change our attitude to deal with it. As a university student I wanted to share some of my tips to make your studies attractive and also bearable. These are my 10 tips to study more.

1-) Planning:

When it comes to study planning is the most important but also most ignored part unfortunately. Sometimes giving time to planning seems like waste but trust me it will not only give you extra hours to study but also it will boost your effectiveness. But the most important thing to keep in mind is not giving too much tasks to finish but increase the amount gradually.

Also the common difficulty which distrups our plans is being unable to adjust our sleeping times. I found really good way to arrange my sleeping hours. A few days before starting to do my plans I start to wake up and sleep according to my plan but I am not studying instead I am doing the things which I like enough to sacrifice my sleep such as watching movie. So I get used to planned sleep hours.

2-) Applications:

Sometimes even when we plan to do list we can be unmotivated. In those times applications come to our help. Especially I like forest and focus to do. The best part about this applications is they are giving detailed report about your study hours. For example in forest app you can have motivation from planting trees. Yes you didn’t read it wrong. This app is planting tree for you by looking your study hours. What a good way to concentrate!! As it is said in a saying: “ To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow.” Maybe we can symbolyse our hope towards future by planting tree. The other app is focus to do it basically uses pomodoro technique. For those who don’t know about this technique it is studying and focusing short time but increasing your effectiveness. It is generally preferred to study 25 or 50 minutes. Especially 25 minutes can be seen too short for studying but you will be shocked how much thing you accomplished in this short time once you tried.

Forest App:
Focus To Do App:

3-)MakeYour Environment Suitable

Study environment can affect us while studying. So try to arrange it the way you can concentrate. For example use night light when you feel tired and sleepy. Do not have anything distracting you while studying. Especially telephone is in the top of this black list.

4-) Study With Someone :

I personally experienced that studying with someone makes it easier. So try to ask your friends studying with you. You don’t need to meet. You can even do this online via discord or zoom. Also there is really useful channels on Youtube. Psychologically studying with someone gives you the support you need. Just try it you won’t regret. These are some channels I use while studying:

5-) Never Give Up :

While studying if my concentration decreases I take a break to watch what motivates me. This can be something serious or funny. It doesn’t matter as long as it motivates me. So I created a playlist to watch these videos when I am not in study moode. I also suggest you to do something like this to make yourself cheer up. Some funny videos from my playlist:

6-) Music :

One of the biggest obstacle for studying is getting sleepy. Music and coffee are the most important solutions to this problem. If you feel yourself tired and sleepy just open a mood booster music and turn back to your study. You can also create relaxing study music playlist. This relaxing beats can help you to focus.

7-) Food and Drink :

Like music food and drink can also prevent you getting sleepy. But I don’t recommend this method for a long time. Because it is not good for focusing. It can distract you. Also we don’t want to gain weight. I don’t actually mean really satisfying foods or drinks even water is enough.

8-) Change Your Study Tools :

New pencil and notebook can excite you to study. Also if you are studying with technological device changing your device from telephone to tablet or computer vice versa can increase efficency.

9-) Just Think About Studying While You Are Studying :

I noticed that talking more than studying causes even more decreases in study hours. I found out this first in myself and then around me. When we talk about our studies our brains automatically give signal of exhaustion. Also in these conversations we sometimes complain and this makes situation worse. Because we start to pity ourselves and this makes us to tender towards giving up.

10-) Do Not Stress Yourself and Aim To Learn :

Stress can be an obstacle for understanding so don’t stress yourself. Exams or projects are only for proving that you can handle it. Try to learn. You will suprisingly see that this will make studying enjoyful and easier. And this can also supply to have deeper information about topics because curiosity will play role. Please do not forget in the end everything is about understanding and bringing it to life.

No matter which method you are using while studying never give up and always hope for bright futures. Because “ if you are not willing to learn, no one can help you, if you are determined to learn no one can stop you.”

Thank you for reading my writing.

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Hope to share

Even the stars they burn, some even fall to the Earth. We've got a lot to learn. God knows we're worth it. No I won't give up💫💫