This name may seem unfamiliar to you. But there is almost 13 millions people around world who really inspired by her. I am actually talking about a youtuber who doesn’t resemble any other. This channel is a big family with lots of love. These are some comments of subscribers to the channel:

While reading these comments it is hard not to be suprised. I am hearing that you are also asking yourself : Why?? As a quick answer she is basically showing us what we missed or not experienced. And this missed or unexperienced thing is unfortunately NATURE!!

For understanding her content and purpose let’s look her journey to become a youtuber from a closer perspective.

Li was born in Sichuan,China. She was orphaned at a very young age. In an interview with Goldthread, Li stated that she moved in with her grandparents after her stepmother mistreated her.

When Li was in fifth grade, her grandfather passed away thus her grandmother was unable to pay for her education, this prompted Li to drop out of school at the age of 14 to work in the city.

Before becoming vlogger Li took on multiple jobs, some of which include being a waitress, a DJ in a nightclub and a bar singer. After all these unsuccessful trials, Li went back to the countryside to take care of her sickly grandmother and this was the first step to get her to shoot video. Maybe this decision seems as acceptance of smaller life for someone who lives in a big city. But what we forget is that we built that big city more than we probably should have built, enough to detach us from where we started.

She noticed this and started to live in her city as a princess. And fairy tale started by a lot of effort.

She is literally doing everything from scratch with her own two hands from dying a dress with fresh grape juice

to fashioning traditional lipstick from roses in her garden to foraging on horseback

In order to prepare one exquisite meal after the another.

But while doing these meals she is telling us the behind story of what she used. In one video she is raising baby ducklings just to make a sauce out of salted duck eggs.

In another video she uses magnolia flower to make pastries and even deep fries the flour themselves.

But the content of her channel is not restricted to only original food recipes. She also known for her videos demonstrating traditional crafts like building bamboo furniture sets.

When this naturalness that we all miss is combined with wonderful landscapes a real fairy tale emerges.

Like me, whole this 13 millions subscribers must have found an escape from their busy life to this peaceful channel and this must be the response of why question that we asked before.

The earth has its own story for those who will read.

Sometimes we can obtain what we are looking for in the distance by looking deeper at things near us.

Sometimes we can find the most beautiful fragrance in the soil not in the expensive perfumes in the luminous showcases.

Sometimes we can listen to the best song just by watching the rain without going to the concert.

Sometimes we can be more happy in a small village than a big city.

Thank you for reading my writing.





Even the stars they burn, some even fall to the Earth. We've got a lot to learn. God knows we're worth it. No I won't give up💫💫

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Hope to share

Hope to share

Even the stars they burn, some even fall to the Earth. We've got a lot to learn. God knows we're worth it. No I won't give up💫💫

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